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Thinking about online business ideas? I thought I would write a page on this as in today's financial climate more and more people are looking for other ways to earn an income. Many people get a second job or work in the evenings and at weekends to achieve this, but more and more people are looking to the internet to help them supplement their income. There are various ways to earn an income from the internet, I have listed my top five below.

Create a niche info site

This is my number one of all the online business ideas out there. If you have something your passionate about and want to write about it, as long as it has enough of a following you could create a website around your niche subject. This would be an information site on your niche, no shop or products to sell just information that you provide for free. By over delivering on your subject you can get a great following and by using a great traffic driving system such as Solo Build It you can monetize your web page via Google ads, affiliate programs and links, amazon ads etc. Please see my Solo Build It page for more info on a world leading web business building product.

Selling on Ebay

A very easy way to sell products to a big audience. Of all online business ideas this appeals to most people, because of its ease to get started with. There are people that have set up successful businesses that runs 100% via Ebay. If you produce your own products and have a specific niche you could be onto a winner using Ebay to sell your products. Downsides are fees and time needed to run this type of business as it is very hands on.


Find a niche you are interested in ans blog about it. If you can drive traffic to your blog there are many ways you can earn money from it. These include Google AdSense, Affiliate programs, Amazon ads through their affiliate program, selling e-books you have written yourself.

Stock/forex trading

Joining the stock/forex market could seem like a risk. However, you can start small and continue researching till you gain experience in this area. Once you do, it will be easy to earn from exchanging foreign currencies and/or stocks. Their rates fluctuate depending on supply and demand, and economic and political influences in the world. The aim of any trader is to spot which currency/stock is likely to rise or fall in value against another. Could be a bit of a gamble but there are success stories out there.

Buy and sell domains

There is still money to be made in this. The .com domains are the most sought after still, but you may find nearly all words are taken. You can still make money with .coms though, get in there quick and register something that is brand new and just on the scene, such as a singer in one of those talent contests on TV. If you think they could go far register their and you could go on to sell it later at a tidy profit. A great site I found on this subject is

I have just touched on a few online business ideas here as the subject is vast. There are many other ways, just remember when starting out to do something you will enjoy, do something you can commit time to and set yourself some goals. Have fun and see where it takes you.

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