Affiliate Network Marketing

Affiliate Network Marketing is the modern day gold rush, and it is happening right in front of us on our computer screens. Every day around the world people are making money using affiliate network marketing and there is nothing to stop you doing the same.

Once you have set up your blog or website and you have enough good quality content, affiliate network marketing is one way you should definitely consider monetizing your site. First off you need to find the right tools to use. There are various tools out there, clickbank, commission junction and linkshare are three that come to mind. These all offer thousands of good quality products that pay good rates of commission.

If you need help with choosing, get on some of the most successful network marketing websites, follow them on social media sites, find out what they are doing and replicate it. You will not go far wrong by doing what the best in the industry do.

Next you need to promote the products, you do this by incorporating them into your blog or website. Your website or blog should be aimed at a particular niche, in my case network marketing, and you should target certain products to appear on certain pages on your site or blog.

If your site/blog is search engine optimized properly then your visitor would have found your page with specific keywords, which means that they have a direct interest in the keywords for that page. Place affiliate products on that page that link directly to that keyword or niche, this gives you best possible chance you will get the click and earn commission.

Commissions vary depending on the company or product. Generally between 20% to 70% is the commission you can expect to earn from each sale. There are some affiliate products/services out there that do allow a sub-affiliate or two tiered structure. For example, if you sell a product with your unique id embedded into it then the person buying it becomes your sub-affiliate. You will now earn a smaller commission each time this person makes a sale, they in turn will create a level of sub affiliate and so on.

It is always best to go for quality and not quantity. If you choose your products/companies carefully which you affiliate with and place them carefully on your site it will bring about results. If you bombard people with numerous links to products/services on every page it can start to look like a ad site and can be off putting.

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