Magnetic Sponsoring

Magnetic sponsoring is the art of attracting people to your business opportunity, product or service without prospecting them, chasing them, calling them or badgering them in any way.

I was that frustrated Network Marketer, I hounded friends and family until blue in the face about my opportunity and products. I went to meetings and training sessions, what am I doing wrong? Why don't these people want to know or listen? I was asking myself these questions daily. The answer was simple, they were not interested in my opportunity or products. Sure I sold some product and sponsored some people but I was nowhere near where I wanted and needed to be to quit my job.

I started to think very differently when I came across a video which I watched, it was about Magnetic Sponsoring/Attraction Marketing. It blew my mind, I asked myself could this be the answer? I started to research it more and found more and more people using these techniques and having huge success following them. Their are various gurus out there who know a whole lot on the subject, I read an e-book by Mike Dillard on this very subject, he is a world renowned expert in the field.The idea of attracting prospects toward me rather than me chasing them, this resonated with me in a big way. But how to do it? Well the answer is on-line. Using the web you can draw people to your site who actually want to see what you have to offer. Providing great content and information on your site positions you as an expert and makes people want to come back again and again. Offering something for free on your site also helps, such as an e-book, magazine, training or newsletter.Using SEO (search engine optimization helps drive traffic to your site, there are some great tools out there that can help you do this. I will talk about the one that I used, and in my honest opinion is the best in the world currently. Using social media to help drive traffic also works, please see my social media page for more details. There are many other ways that Attraction Marketing tells you how to drive traffic, these include Blogs and Blogging, Direct/Referring Links, On-line Video and Forums to name a few. More details on the best ones are found on The Renegade Network Marketer page.

Another thing Magnetic Sponsoring teaches is that you can earn money from visitors to your site even if they do not purchase product or join your opportunity. Magnetic Sponsoring talks about a 'funded proposal' system. It tells you ways of making money though various income revenues you can incorporate on your site.

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