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Network Marketing FAQ: On this page I will answer some of the most commonly asked questions that arise when talking about network marketing. If you do not find an answer to your question here, please fill out the contact us form at the bottom of the page and I will get back to you.

What are the aims of this site?

In the first few weeks of starting out in network marketing I found myself searching the internet a lot, my head was full of questions! I did not want to bother my upline with everything so I turned to the web. When searching I found there is some good information out there but there is also some bad. So the first aim of my site is to provide good quality information for people new to network marketing.

The information I found which was useful was across many sites so I wanted to create a site where all the information is in one place, a place where I could point my new team members to and a place where anybody in any network marketing company could come to and use.

Is Network Marketing a Pyramid Scheme?

A classic network marketing faq. A question we all hear at some point! The short answer is no. A pyramid scheme is an illegal operation,  quite often there no products or services exchanged just money. Money flows upwards to the founders of the scheme from the people joining at the bottom, the whole thing collapses as it is not sustainable and many people lose their initial "investment"

Network Marketing companies are built around the sales of products or services, people are paid commissions and bonuses on sales that they make and their team makes.

For a more detailed look at the differences between Network Marketing and Pyramid Schemes please visit: Pyramid Schemes

Is Network Marketing right for me?

This is a difficult one to answer. You really have to answer the following questions about yourself to find out.

Are you self motivated?

Are you willing to learn, and able to pass on your knowledge?

Do you want a different way of working?

Are you determined to succeed?

Do you have 10-15 hours a week to work this business?

If you answered yes to all of the above then Network Marketing could very well be for you. Most people fail because one of the above is lacking in some way, or they get knock backs early on which affects their confidence. It is determination and commitment that keep you going after being knocked back, and the ability to not take a "no" personally that will be a key factor in the early stages of getting your business up and running.

How much money can I make from this business?

This is a network marketing faq I get asked a lot. Again this is very much dependant on the person asking the question. In many Network Marketing companies there is no upper limit to what you can earn. So you can really earn as much as you want or need to, in the early stages of setting up your business you find you put in a lot of hours for not a lot of financial reward. However when your business starts growing (customers, distributors in your team) it is the opposite of this, you can put in less time but still get a big financial reward. It is getting to that tipping point which requires hard work and graft.

There are people in Network Marketing around the world (in different businesses) that have become millionaires from it. There are also many who quit having never made a penny. It all comes down to what kind of person you are.

What does it cost to start up?

When joining a Network Marketing business there is normally some sort of start up cost for becoming a new distributor. You normally receive a starter pack with literature, product information, company policies, order forms, company contact numbers and directory containing info on the companies top selling products. Also a range of products that the company sells, which you can either sell on or use yourself. You are also placed into the companies commission matrix and can start to recruit new people into the business (your downline team)

This starter or new distributor pack normally costs between £100 and £500 in most cases. Although there are exceptions to the rule.

Always make sure you have researched a company thoroughly before joining up, please see Network Marketing Companies for more info.

So which company do you work with Lee?

I distribute for a company called Forever Living, founded in 1978 with an annual turnover in excess of $2.6 billion. Forever fall into the health and well-being sector. For more information on this amazing company please click Forever Living

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